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Air Optix®

Air Optix®
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AIR OPTIX® lenses: lenses for every lifestyle. AIR OPTIX® lenses are breathable contact lenses that allow you to focus on your life instead of your lenses. They provide sharp vision and consistent comfort all day, every day. And the monthly schedule for changing AIR OPTIX® lenses is easy to remember. With Sightful, it's easier than ever to order your AIR OPTIX® lenses. Clear vision and consistent comfort The AIR OPTIX® lenses stand for clear vision and consistent comfort. Every day, for 30 days, you'll enjoy wearing AIR OPTIX® contact lenses again. They're so comfortable, you won't even notice you're wearing them. This allows you to focus on things that are important, such as work, sports or holidays. Lenses with SmartShield® Technology The AIR OPTIX® lenses use the best technology to give you extra comfort when wearing. For example, SmartShield® Technology provides a protective film to prevent dirt from getting into the lenses. But at the same time, this layer also ensures that the lenses remain sufficiently hydrated. The AIR OPTIX® lenses are also made of oxygen-permeable material for added convenience when wearing. The right lenses for everyone Are you looking for toric lenses? Or are you looking for multifocal lenses? Or would you like lenses that give your eyes a different colour tone? AIR OPTIX® lenses has developed different types of lenses in order to offer the right lenses for everyone. Think also of lenses for extra wetting of your eyes. These are ideal if you suffer from dry eyes. Easily order your AIR OPTIX® lenses You can easily order your AIR OPTIX® lenses online at Sightful. We'll make sure your contact lenses are delivered to your home more efficiently than ever. How do we do that? Just order and reorder your AIR OPTIX® lenses via our website, chat or WhatsApp. In our assortment you will find your trusted AIR OPTIX® lenses for a standard low price. And if you order more often from us, you receive even more discount. That makes ordering from Sightful simple and inexpensive. Discover the range of AIR OPTIX® monthly lenses and choose the lenses that suit you best. Do you have any questions about the lenses or are you unsure which one to choose? Sightful's eye experts are ready to answer all your questions!