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Everything you need to know about contact lenses for children!

Everything you need to know about contact lenses for children!

What is the minimum age for children to start wearing contact lenses? Which contact lenses are the most suited for children to wear? These are two example questions that may come to mind when it comes to contact lenses and children. In this article, we will answer these and other frequently asked questions. We’ll also talk about other topics to consider if your child wants to wear contact lenses.

From what age can children wear contact lenses?

This is often the first question that is asked. Perhaps your child does not like to wear glasses and will soon ask for contact lenses instead. When looking at the growth of the eye, 8 years is usually the age that is used to start wearing contact lenses. That is because a lazy eye could still be developed until that age. However, it is not harmful to the growth of your child's eye to wear contact lenses.

Responsibility and discipline are important

Not only the age of your child is important due to the growth of the eye, it is also important because your child must be able to handle wearing contact lenses responsibly. Contact lenses must be maintained well on a daily basis; your child must apply proper hygiene when putting in and taking out the contact lenses. It is up to you as a parent to determine whether your child can properly bear this responsibility and discipline or not.

The benefits of contact lenses for children

But what are the benefits for children when they wear contact lenses instead of glasses? These are the same benefits as of adult contact lens wearers. Children experience a wider field of vision, they no longer suffer from foggy or dirty glasses and they can exercise and play freely without glasses that get in the way. So, enough reasons to choose contact lenses for your child!

Looking for good contact lenses for children?

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Hard or soft contact lenses for children?

There are of course many types of contact lenses, but which ones are best suited for children? In general, soft contact lenses are best suited for children. This is because soft contact lenses never interfere with further development of the eyes in terms of shape. In addition, it is beneficial if the contact lenses are permeable to oxygen and can be worn comfortably by your child. Examples for this are contact lenses made from silicone hydrogel.

Monthly, weekly, or daily contact lenses?

Then there is the choice of monthly, weekly, or daily contact lenses for your child. If your child is just starting to wear contact lenses, it is recommended to opt for daily contact lenses. These contact lenses can be thrown away at the end of the day and a fresh pair of new contact lenses can be worn the next day. A big advantage: suppose your child loses a contact lens once, it is a lot less painful for your wallet than with monthly contact lenses, for example. You can teach your child how to clean their contact lenses later, and then your child can start wearing weekly or monthly contact lenses. These are overall cheaper than the daily disposable contact lenses, but they have to be maintained well.

Provide guidance

Make sure you assist your child properly when he or she starts wearing contact lenses. It requires an investment in the form of time for you as a parent as well. This way your child will get better and better at wearing contact lenses!


Do you have any questions about contact lenses?

With the help of these tips your child is well prepared to start wearing contact lenses! Before you order any contact lenses, make sure that the choice for specific contact lenses is always discussed with an optician first. Did you get a prescription? Then our team will be happy to help you order the right contact lenses! Any other questions? At Sightful, we'll be happy to answer them. You can contact our team in whatever way suits you, including Whatsapp, by telephone, or through chat. 


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