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Multifocal lenses

With the DAILIES TOTAL 1® Multifocal daily contacts your vision is razor sharp, near and far. Experience the comfort that lasts all day!
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Multifocal lenses: see clearly, no natter the distance! If you suffer from both near- and farsightedness multifocal lenses may be the right solution for you. Multifocal lenses are sometimes also called varifocal lenses. Here we will explain what these lenses are, which types exist, and we will show you how you can easily order or reorder your lenses. What Are multifocal Lenses? As you become older, the tiny muscles that control the lens of your eye begin to relax. This phenomenon is called presbyopia and it can make it difficult for you to focus clearly on objects such as newspapers or photos. While glasses were traditionally the only option for correction of presbyopia, it is now possible to correct your vision with multifocal contact lenses. The Development Of Multi-Focal Lenses At first, reading glasses were the only viable option for the correction of presbyopia, but in later years bifocal glasses were developed as an alternative. Bifocal glasses have two sections: a bottom section that is used for reading and an upper section that is used to correct myopia. Although bifocal glasses worked well to correct vision, they had one major flaw: every time you looked through a different section of the glasses your eyes had to re-adjust. Multifocal or varifocal lenses were developed to address this problem. Since multi-focal glasses offer multiple corrections in one lens, they ensure that you can always see clearly regardless of the distance of the object you are looking at. Did you know that you can now also order multifocal contact lenses? Multifocal contact lenses will make it easier for you to see objects clearly whether they are right in front of you or far away. When you wear multifocal lenses, your brain can automatically determine which part of the lens to use for a particular focal distance, resulting in sharp vision. Why Choose Multifocal Lenses? Multifocal or varifocal lenses ensure that you can comfortably focus on objects at any distance, day in and day out. The lenses are available in monthly, weekly and daily options and you can choose which works best for you. If you prefer little maintenance and fresh lenses on a daily basis, daily lenses are the best option for you but weekly or monthly lenses can be less expensive although they require regular cleaning with a suitable contact lens fluid. Multifocal lenses are made using a variety of materials- from hydrogel to silicone hydrogel that can trap moisture and allow oxygen to reach your eyes easily. You can choose the lens material that is most comfortable for you but rest assured, whichever lens you choose, you will find multifocal lenses from trusted brands at attractive prices in the Sightful range. Customers who regularly order their lenses with us may even qualify for additional discounts. Ordering Lenses Made Simple Sightful has made it faster and easier to order or reorder your multifocal contact lenses. You can order lenses via our website, chat or even WhatsApp! Place your order using the method that is most convenient to you and we will make sure that your order is promptly delivered to your chosen address!