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Toric lenses

Daily contact lenses with hydraluxe for good hydration all day long!
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Toric lenses: the right lenses for sharp vision. You may have come across the terms 'toric lenses' or 'cylindrical lens' a few times already. But what exactly do these terms mean? What types of toric lenses are there? And what do you have to watch out for when ordering toric lenses? Sightful makes wearing and ordering lenses comfortable. We give you the information you need to order to find your ideal toric lenses. And if you have any questions, our eye experts will be happy to help. What are toric lenses? First of all: what exactly are toric lenses? Toric contact lenses correct astigmatism. If you have astigmatism, then the shape of your eye is not perfectly round, but oval. Normally, the cornea bends the light that enters your eye so that it reaches the retina on the inside in the right way. Because the cornea does not have the right shape, the light does not end up in the right place either, but it spreads out on the inside of your eye, making your vision blurred. It's also possible that the shape of your eye lens changes. This is called lenticular astigmatism. A pair of glasses can correct both forms of astigmatism, but usually cannot correct both at the same time, which is why toric lenses are often a better option. Toric lenses can correct the toric anomaly and also farsightedness or nearsightedness. Types of toric lenses Toric lenses are also called cylindrical lenses. Within the toric lenses range there are different options. For example, you can choose daily, weekly or monthly lenses. As the name says: toric daily lenses are changed daily, toric weekly lenses are changed weekly and monthly lenses are changed monthly. The toric daily lenses do not require any maintenance, and are thrown away daily. For this reason the monthly lenses are often a bit cheaper in comparison as basic maintenance is required. Whatever toric contact lenses you choose, Sightful makes it easy for you to order and (re)order them so you always have them in stock. This can not only be done via our website, but also via chat or WhatsApp. The right toric contact lenses for everyone Thanks to our wide range, we have the right toric contact lenses available for everyone from trusted brands at a standard low price. Whether you're looking for special dry eye lenses or extra high oxygen lenses, you'll find it all here. Once you've found the right lenses, you'll of course order them even more often. And we reward you for that: the more you reorder, the more you save! Need help choosing the right toric lenses? A wide range is fine, but we can imagine that you might need guidance when choosing the right cylindrical or toric lenses. That's no problem at Sightful - our eye experts are ready to help. Ask your questions by phone, chat or WhatsApp and you'll get a quick answer!