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Weekly lenses

Did you know that you can also opt for bi-weekly lenses? These can be worn for fourteen days. How about the ACUVUE® OASYS Multifocal

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Weekly lenses: the ideal middle ground

As you may know, lenses come in many different forms. For example, you can choose daily lenses, so that you wear a fresh, clean lens every day. Or monthly lenses, which are comparatively cheap and last a whole month. But did you know you can also opt for weekly lenses? These can be worn for up to fourteen days and are the ideal middle ground between daily and monthly lenses.

Why ordering weekly lenses is a good idea

There are numerous advantages to wearing weekly lenses. Weekly lenses can be worn for up to fourteen days, provided you take good care of them. There are even weekly lenses that you can wear day and night without taking them out. Always do this in consultation with your ophthalmologist or optician, because not all eyes can tolerate this.

Ordering weekly lenses is a good idea if you wear lenses frequently and regularly and, if possible, you want to keep wearing your lenses at night. Apart from taking care of your contact lenses, you don't have to worry about them, throw them away in the plastic waste after two weeks and then simply open a new package. Do you only wear lenses once in a while or do you work out a lot? Then it's better to opt for daily lenses, because the risk of irritation from sweat and dirt is reduced to a minimum.

Weekly lenses for different eye conditions

You can order weekly lenses at your desired strength. And just like other lenses, there are weekly lenses for different types of eye disorders, such as multifocal weekly lenses for presbyopia and toric weekly lenses for people with astigmatism. You're sure to find what you're looking for in our wide range of online lenses. If you need help choosing the right contact lenses we are there for you! Feel free to ask your questions via Whatsapp or chat and we'll help you order the right lenses for you.

Our tip: choose contact lenses that prevent dry eyes

If you choose weekly lenses, and especially if you want to wear them day and night, it is wise to order contact lenses that prevent dry eyes. For this reason, opt for weekly lenses that have a high oxygen permeability and retain sufficient moisture. This way you will experience a higher level of wearing comfort and you will have maximum satisfaction from your weekly lenses. For each brand and type you will see exactly what the characteristics of the contact lenses are, so that you can decide which lens is right for you.

Ordering your weekly lenses at Sightful: the advantages

Have you found the right weekly lenses in our online offer? Then you can order them quickly and easily. This can be done via this page, but also via Whatsapp or by chat. You can place your order with us in just a few clicks and we'll make sure you get it in the blink of an eye! And do you order your lenses regularly at Sightful? Then you can easily place a reorder and save for an attractive discount. Another advantage of ordering lenses at Sightful!