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Eye drops

Do you often suffer from dry eyes? Eye drops provide relief and keep your eyes hydrated during the day. How about the Blink-N-Clean®
drops? Cleansing and hydration while wearing your contacts.

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Eye drops: reduce the burden of dry eyes

If you often suffer from dry or irritated eyes, you might already be familiar with the feeling of relief from using eye drops. Irritated or dry eyes can be caused by several things. Looking at a computer screen for a long time, a dry & air-conditioned room or even a smoky environment can all lead to irritated or dry eyes.

How should I use eye drops?

Dry eyes can adversely affect the vision of people who wear contact lenses, in this situation eye drops can provide relief. But how should you use eye drops? Follow these easy steps:

  • Read the instructions for use of the eye drops first and check whether you can use them with contact lenses or not.
  • Wash your hands properly with soap, this is a good habit and ensures optimal hygiene when you are dealing with your eyes.
  • Tilt your head back slightly by moving your chin up. Pull your lower eyelid down slightly.
  • Bring the bottle of eye drops to your eye and squeeze the bottle gently. 1 or 2 drops per eye are sufficient.
  • Close your eye for a moment and blink a few times to distribute the drop(s) in your eye.

A wide range of eye drops

Sightful offers a wide range of eye drops with top brands such as Systane from Alcon and Blink from Johnson & Johnson. Read the descriptions for the different eye drops and check if they are suitable for your situation. Next to eye drops for people with contact lenses, we also offer eye drops for people without contacts. Do you have questions about eye drops? Please get in touch with our customer service team, we are happy to help!