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The TOTAL30® lenses from Alcon are the first monthly lenses with Water Gradient Technology. This technique ensures that nothing touches the eye but a comfortable layer of moisture, so that you hardly feel the lens!
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Water Gradient Technology

Water Gradient Technology® has been successfully used in daily contact lenses, this is the first time Alcon uses this technology for monthly lenses which ensures a pleasant experience for your eyes. This technology is characterised by creating a film of 100% water on the surface of the eye.  This water creates a gentle cushion of moisture and leaves the eye hydrated throughout the day!

CELLIGENT® Technology

The CELLIGENT® Technology invented by Alcon shields the eye from bacteria by creating a protective layer around the eye, which keeps your lens clean throughout a long day. It mimics the eye's natural surface and does not cause irritation and helps to prevent infections.

The first monthlies that are as comfortable as dailies

The TOTAL30® combines the Water Gradient Technology with a monthly lens which delivers a very comfortable reusable lens that remains durable for 30 days. Alcon ensures the ultimate wearing experience up to 30 days if the lens is cleaned and disinfected daily. Start feeling the joy of nothing with the new TOTAL30® monthly replacement contact lenses from Alcon!


The TOTAL30® lenses from Alcon are the first and only monthly lenses with Water Gradient technology, this ensures that you hardly feel them while wearing. This new Water Gradient technique used in these monthly lenses has almost 100% water on the surface, so that the eye is only touched by a soft layer of water and you hardly feel the lenses. In addition, CELLIGENT® Technology is used, which helps to fight bacteria by creating a protective layer that resembles the natural surface of the eye. So you always have a clean lens!

  • New: Water Gradient Technology in a monthly replacement lens
  • Shields of bacteria by creating a protective layer around the eye
  • Keeps your eyes hydrated throughout the day
  • 30 days of comfortable wear

Product specifications

Orientation Marking Available
Oxygen Permeability (Dk/t)
Replacement Frequency
Monthly lenses
Water Content
14.2 millimeter
Handling Tint
lehfilcon A
Material Type
Silicone Hydrogel
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